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Thursday, December 6, 2007


Insurance is one of the most important things we can get for ourselves. We need it for our health, our automobiles, our homes, recreation vehicles, pets, burial, loved ones, businesses, etc. The crazy thing is, most of us complain about having to get it. If we didn't have car insurance, who would be able to pay for damages in an accident. Without health insurance, would you be able to pay every medical bill that came along?

I have sold health insurance before and it surprised me how many people had the attitude that they never get sick, so why bother. My question to them was; Do you ever get into car wrecks? Why are we so much more worried about our material belongings than our own health and that of our families?

I recently switched my home owners insurance and am much happier with my service. It took me some time to have the original company remove a claim from my history that was not supposed to be there. Finally I got fed up and switched over to the company I use for my car insurance. I get a better deal and I also get annual dividend checks. That's right; my insurance company pays me for not making claims.

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